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HW7 - carries a current of 1.20 μA In a vacuum a proton...

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1 Homework 7 1. A conductor consists of a circular loop of radius R and two straight, long sections as shown in the figure. The wire lies in the plane of the paper and carries a current I . Find an expression for the vector magnet field at the center of the loop. 1. Shown in the figure the current in the long, straight wire is I 1 = 5.00A and the wire lies in the plane of the rectangular loop, which carries the current I 2 = 10.0A . The dimensions are c = 0.100 m, a = 0.150 m and l = 0.450 m. Find the magnitude and direction of the net force exerted on the loop by the magnetic field created by the wire. 1. A long, straight wire lies on a horizontal table and
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Unformatted text preview: carries a current of 1.20 μA. In a vacuum, a proton moves parallel to the wire (opposite the current) with a constant speed of 2.30×10 4 m/s at a distance d above the wire. Determine the value of d . You may ignore the magnetic field due to the Earth. 1. A solenoid 10.0 cm in diameter and 75.0 cm long is made from copper wire of diameter 0.100 cm, with very thin insulation. The wire is wound onto a cardboard tube in a single layer, with adjacent turns touching each other. What power must be delivered to the solenoid if it is to produce a field of 8.00 mT at its center?...
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