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HW3 - 1 A solid insulating sphere of radius a has a uniform...

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1 Homework 3 1. Four closed surfaces, S 1 through S 4 , together with the charges -2 Q , Q and – Q are sketched in the following figure (The colored lines are the intersections of the surfaces with the page.) find the electric flux through each surface. 1. Two infinite, nonconducting sheets of charge are parallel to each other as shown in the following figure. The sheet on the left has a uniform surface charge density σ, and the one on the right has a uniform charge density –σ. Calculate the electric field as points (a) to the left of, (b) in between, and (c) to the right of the two sheets.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. A solid, insulating sphere of radius a has a uniform charge density and a total charge Q . Concentric with this sphere is an uncharged, conducting, hollow sphere whose inner and outer radii are b and c , as shown in the following figure. (a) find out the magnitude of the electric field in the regions r<a, a<r<b, b<r<c and r>c . (b) Determine the induced charge per unit area on the inner and outer surfaces of the hollow sphere....
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