ASTR101 s07 astro note card

ASTR101 s07 astro note card - Newton: law of...

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-1Newton: law of inertia,f=mxa,for every action there is =&opp reaction, f=Gm1m2/r2, deduces gravitational force from the orbit of the moon, builds 1 st reflecting tele, proves planets moving under gravitational force, obey Keplers laws, Opticks8, light made up of all kinds of colorsKepler: orbits of planets are ellipses, not circles,=areas in =timeP2=a3-its why we orbit,7Brache’s assistant, found shape of orbits=ellipse, New Astronomy1609 Ptolemy: 2 concept of epicycles and deferents to help explain retrograde loops of the planets astro bible Aristarchus: heliocentric cosmology1 Eratosthenes: 3calculated the size of the E 240bc, sun overhead at syene and no in Alexandria Copernicus: 4heliocentric cosmology, MJS lie outside E orbit, De Rev.Orbium Coel. Brahe:5 De Stella Nova, precise obser of stars and planets Galileo: 6all objects fall w/ the same acceleration, independent of their masses, built 1 st tele-refractor Dialogues1632 Young: light is composed of waves Einstein: light sometimes acts as particles, photoelectric effect, the shorter the wavelength, the higher a photon’s energy PHEn= Plancks constant x speedofL/wavelength Romer: 1675, light travels at a finited speed&so it takes more time2travel longer distances across space, Jup and moons, 16.5
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ASTR101 s07 astro note card - Newton: law of...

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