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MGT 141 Group Project 1

MGT 141 Group Project 1 - Defined by Merriam-Webster...

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Defined by Merriam-Webster neurotic is “often or always fearful or worried about something: tending to worry in a way that is not healthy or reasonable.”[Mer16]. A study conducted in 2005 by Maya Tamir and Michael Robinson, revolving around undergraduates, people with high neuroticism scores were timed when they categorized words that were positive and negative. Those high in neuroticism were judging the negative words faster than people with low neuroticism. They concluded that for high neuroticism, feeling bad promotes effective functioning. Their continued bad mood might make them better able to interpret what’s happening to them as opposed to faking happiness.[Whi10]. To make our team successful we must embrace our traits and work on them. Helen Fisher states that “people are malleable.”[Coo14]. So, considering we have some people higher in neuroticism than others we could pair up and work on our traits together. Small increments are generally the best to create lasting changes.[Coo14].
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