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Women study, study guide Terms Community: often understood as a natural group that has a collective identity New social movement: a way of referring to civil rights, student, women’s, gay and lesbian, and indigenous people’s movements since the 1960s, in order to distinguish them from the worker-based movements of the early 1900s. Identity Politic: drawing on one’s identity as a marginalized or oppressed group as a position from which to make rights claims Example: The queer nation is an example that is an identity politic. The Queer Nation was using their identity as to make a claim about being gay or lesbian. The queer nation would often create statement in public spaces through wearing t-shirt that shows explicit image and shows the same-sex love such as “kiss ins.” Essentialist claims: an appeal to a shared identity based on biology, history, kinship Example: An example is from the Woodward reading. An essentialist claim can be about the celebration of the group’s uniqueness, which is the basis of its political solidarity, can be translated into essentialist claims. For example, some elements of the women’s movement have argued for separatism from men based on women’s identity and unique qualities which men cannot posses. Non-essentialist claims: stresses that identities are fluid, socially-constructed, and can change over time Example: New social movements such as the women’s movement have adopted a nonessentials position regarding identity. For example, black women have fought for the recognition of their agenda within feminism and have resisted the assumption of a women’s movement based on one category of “women” where that category is seen as white. Intersectionality: The necessity of recognizing the many strands that make up identity; for example, the ways in which sexism and racism are intertwined in the identities of women of color. Example: The domestic violence is an example that shows intersectionality happening. The Latina woman was trying to get help from the domestic violence hotline administered by PODER seeking shelter for her son and herself. But unfortunately due to her proficiency and her race, they seem to be not helping her. This is an intersectionality taking place, where her proficiency in English and racism is intertwined. Queer: shared dissent from the dominant organization of sex and gender Representation: an image or likeness of a thing, how we understand, think about, or
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make meanings about something or someone. Example: Catherine king article about culture representation is an example of representation taking place. Due to women’s discrimination throughout history, it was naturally thought that women were inferior back in the days. This is in turn had an effect against representation. Women would create fine art that would actually be viewed art, but the men would renounce those arts as craft or some kind of a tool. This would be a representation to degrade women’s inferiority in creating an art. . Production:
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Women study Final Study Guide - Women study, study guide...

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