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Numa Pigelet 11 th of October 2007 Mrs. Doole MEDC1010 Internet essay If internet is considered as with its core definition, then it’s just a technology that can transfer data from one computer to another. That’s it. But this vague definition is also the reason for its marvelous, uncontrollable diffusion, and evolution. Absolutely no boundaries were ever set with the internet. And since the memory in our computer kept on increasing exponentially, these small pieces of data, first transferred, 20 years ago, turned into pictures, sound, books, shows, movies. This enormous and we could say endless possibility of transfer offered by the internet with no boundaries at all, well it redefined the concept of a material object, the concept of diffusion. This lack of restriction has set free the will of any user to travel, surf on this new dimension, this network. This network that for the first time bring so close people from all over the world, it really is the technological advance that broke all distance barriers between people. In the last fifteen years, a computer changed from a luxury product to an indispensable tool in a household. And since the internet uses the telephone lines, the output was already present in any town. But is this rush to communication any good to the world? What positive and negative aspect does it holds. As well, how does this phenomenon Deal with social inequalities all over the world?
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In order to understand these issues, we’ll have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of such a medium, and then we’ll see its impact on the social inequalities in the world. To start off, We can see the internet as this incredible communication tool that has revolutionized the speed and the effectiveness of all world trade during the past 20 years. In fact, the internet has literally removed a variable part of business communication. The time taken to send or receive information isn’t a preoccupation anymore. For example, the drawings and the characteristics of a tool can be discussed between the engineering unit in the US, and the production factory in China. And that includes exchanges of pictures, designs, figures of production cost, business plan… etc! Very soon in the explosion of internet, various companies helped provide the demassification of internet. But this demassiffication would be like no other before. A regular demassification process affects genre, selects viewers, and slices its general content to a more specified one, to match the taste of their customers. The internet was totally different, by giving the publishing tools directly in the hands of users, and an easy but revolutionary
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Internet essay MEDC - Numa Pigelet Mrs. Doole 11 th of...

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