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Deer hunter genre project - Numa Pigelet Film Apreciation...

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Numa Pigelet November 15 th , 2007 Film Apreciation Genre Project: Movie: “The Deer Hunter” directed by M. Cimino, 1978. The movie “The deer Hunter” genuously combines two big genres: War movie and Drama, the characteristics of this movie using these genres will be discussed in a second and third part of this paper. Because it is necessary to define the two genres, to set them up, in order to understand how this movie fits and how it breaks from the rules of these genres. Since they depict human behaviour, Drama is probably the genre that has the largest scope. It consists basically in showing certain characters in reaction to events of life, and that by telling true stories. These stories are meant to represent what a human being could go through, so Drama stories go from birth to death wedding, social movements, injustice, exploitation, violence, etc, basically any kind of human experience bringing emotion. The birth of this genre, is as well as musical, is partly due to the great depression, showing for example the effects of it on the society in William Wellman's Wild Boys of the Road (1933). Because of its broadness, the genre quickly divided itself in sub-genres, like crime films, melodramas, or biopics. In a technical sense, drama doesn’t have a lot of particular features of its own, however, it has some classical shots and scenes recognizable. For example, a lot of dialogue scenes, usually with only two characters, a lot of long close-ups on faces, in order to catch an emotion out of a face. Music is used a lot to reinforce feelings. Drama movies were always in the context of their period, dealing with social issues of their time, and that can be a way to determine the talent of a director, when he manages to make a timeless drama, like “the Godfather” (Coppola, 1972). The other genre of this movie is the War genre. No doubt can be made about this when we jump in the green hell of Vietnam.
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The heart of war films started for propaganda reasons, and “flag-waving” motivations. The aim was to show the bravery of soldiers in combat, in order to thrill the people for war effort. Later on, as this genre evolved, it separated itself from propaganda.
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Deer hunter genre project - Numa Pigelet Film Apreciation...

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