Great britain trade policy

Great britain trade policy - Numa Pigelet Micro-economics...

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Numa Pigelet Wednesday, March 19 th Micro-economics Analyse and discuss one country’s trade policy: The United-Kingdom With a GDP growth superior to the principal European states, a good resistance to nowadays crisis, a constant household consumption as a growth power, one of the lowest unemployment rate associated with one of the highest activity rate in the European Union, the United –Kingdom has a preferential situation compared to other European powers. This status makes it even more interesting to foreign investors. First hand financial partner, the UK also has a lot of structural advantages: a dynamic market, flexible working force and the first stock exchange in Europe. Great Britain also has a few features, in particular regarding trade contracts. Contrarily to what we could imagine, the notion of British right simply doesn’t exist. In deed, there is no common juridical system common to the 4 countries that constitutes the United Kingdom, no civil code, neither a trade code. No distinction is made between all the contracts because of the “common law”. Therefore we can ask ourselves about the United Kingdom’s foreign trade policy and the interest that other countries could have in the U.K. In the fist part of this paper, we will look at today’s orientation of British commercial trade. In the second part, we will see how the country regulates its trade, through its policies and regulations. Finally as a third part and conclusion we will discuss the current situation and perhaps look at how Britain could improve its situation.
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Great britain trade policy - Numa Pigelet Micro-economics...

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