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Travis Bergwall Garrett Final Draft Paper Packet #2 GETTING TO AMERICA Over the span of my lifetime my grandfather, Charles Bergwall, as well as my grandmother, better known as Grammy, have always been very interested and educated in subjects such as history and geography. Both of my grandparents have always been enthusiastic about telling me different stories about our families history, but not limited to just that. I have probably learned more about world history in my lifetime from my grandparent’s stories, than any history class I have ever attended in my life. Since I knew my grandparents would be a prime source to interview about my family history, knowing that they had a library full of information in their heads, I decided to go along and interview them. I chose to interview them about my grandfather Charles’ father, which would be my great-grandfather, who was born in Sweden and had such a crazy and intense life to make it all the way over here from Sweden to America in the early 1900’s. “Life in Sweden in the late 1800’s was not an easy life, money was hard to come by and work was brutal.” according to Mary Hilson. (Nordic Academic) Money was a problem for most people unless you were born into it. For a lot of Swedes in this era, being born into money was not the case. Kids as young as eight years old were put to work to help make some money for their families. There was no public schooling back
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then so the only people who went to school back then were the children whose families had money and were willing to pay for their children’s schooling. The first one to come to America in the Bergwall family was Werner Otto Bergwall. He was born on September 3 rd , 1891 in the small town of Hudiksvall Sweden. Werner’s father at the time of his birth was a successful man and had more money then most people did at this time. His father owned his own bakery and was very successful. Because Werner’s family had money, he was able to go to school and get somewhat of an education until the age of eight. When Werner turned eight, his father lost his bakery and most of his money due to some tragedy. This loss of the bakery caused Werner to be taken out of school and start working to provide money for his family at the age of eight. Because Werner was so young, he was not given a full time job, and was appointed as an apprentice to a local blacksmith. He helped out this blacksmith for a couple of years until he grew up and was able to find a better job. Four years later Werner was now twelve years old and got a job on a Russian whaling ship. He went out to sea at the age of twelve now, and sailed from Sweden to China all over the Pacific Ocean for four years on this ship working as a cabin boy. This four year voyage successfully returned to Sweden safely, as a lot of ships did not usually return. Now, at the age of sixteen, Werner had a lot of experience and knowledge of the
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werner bergwall research paper - Travis Bergwall Garrett...

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