PSA tvr 070

PSA tvr 070 - She has worked for improvement of streets and...

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Travis Bergwall TVR 070 PSA SFX: PEOPLE CHEERING AND CLAPPING. MAHALIA: Hi, my name is Mahalia Mahatma-Jackson and I am the Libertarian Party candidate, running to become the mayor of Kempville. DAUGHTERS: We are Asmuth, Chutney and Brisbane Mahatma-Jackson, Mahalia’s three daughters and we are here today to tell you about my mother, Mahalia Mahatma- Jackson, and some reasons why she should be your vote! ASMUTH: My mother is a caring and loyal person who has lived here in Kempville for fourteen years. CHUTNEY: My mother attended Our Lady of Sinful Wickedness but Redemption through Lemon Pie parochial school in Krumsville, and was a graduate of Kutztown University. BRISBANE: My mother Mahalia has experience being a lawyer, partner of the law firm of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe. ASMUTH: Mahalia has been a member of the Kempville City Council for four years. CHUTNEY:
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Unformatted text preview: She has worked for improvement of streets and roads, and has sponsored the bill that led to twelve percent pay increase for street cleaning crew and weasel Jugglers. BRISBANE: My mother worked five years on the Mayor’s Task Force Against Cow Tipping and Plaid Sports Jackets. ASMUTH: Mahalia is also a member of Smut Snatchers Anonymous. CHUTNEY: My mom, Mahalia Mahatma-Jackson, has even successfully removed the offensive phrase “round young virgins” from the local pageant production of Silent Night. DAUGHTERS: If these aren’t good enough reasons to vote for our mother, Mahalia Mahatma-Jackson, then we don’t know what are! Vote for our mother, the Libertarian Party candidate for mayor of Kempville! ANNCR: This advertisement has been paid for by the Concerned Kempville Cadre of Canoodlers for Mahalia Mahatma-Jackson....
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PSA tvr 070 - She has worked for improvement of streets and...

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