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Travis Bergwall College Composition Garrett Personal Response Essay Response to “I want a wife” Essay I want a wife who will write this paper for me. That is something that Judy Brady would want her wife to do in her essay “I want a wife”. Judy Brady’s essay is a short one about her impulsive idea of having a wife. She decides she would like to have a wife because of the incalculable duties and tasks that are characterized and come with being a wife that makes being a husband that much easier. Brady goes on and on for several pages prolonging each individual task that she would like her wife to do for her. Many of the activities and duties she wants her wife to do may seem extreme and sexist, but for the most part aren’t too absurd from an ordinary married woman’s everyday life. Brady’s wife has responsibilities such as taking orders without talking back, or thinking twice about doing them. Orders such as giving birth and tending to the children (as many as the husband would like to have) is just one of the few. The wife should keep the house clean, and prepare meals for the family. On top of that the wife should be a “good cook”. The wife should make sure the children have friends and take the children out to places for fun and amusement such as the zoo. The wife should tend to his sexual needs when he wants, but should know not to bother him sexually when he is not in the mood. All of these things seem vindictive and not how a marriage should go, but think about all the things your mom did as a mother, wife, and friend, they were probably not so different from Brady’s essay after all.
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i want a wife - Travis Bergwall College Composition Garrett...

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