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Angry at Heart - Angry at Heart By Katie Devoe In the...

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Angry at Heart By Katie Devoe In the episode “Worried Sick” titled Angry at Heart Jay Kaplan a researcher from Wake Forest Medical School in North Carolina studies the effects stress had on makac monkey’s heart. Personality in a monkey is determined by the more dominant versus the subordinate in the relationships. Primates personalities are stable for the most part the key to understanding lives and ranking is determined by how much stress a monkey may have. Stress hormone levels are tested along with vital signs include ding blood pressure and heart rate studies showed that the dominant more aggressive monkeys had increased stress levels over the subordinate monkeys. The monkeys are given a diet much like the norm of humans in America high fat content with lots of stress the moneys have regular check ups, some monkeys were studied up to two years and this showed the dominant monkeys developed two times the amount of artheroscirosis in the monkey arteries Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fatty material collects along the walls of arteries.
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