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English 329 Homework #10-2 - indexed with the man, whereas...

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English 329  English Syntax Homework # 10   Relative clauses 1) The man who Mary likes lives in Madison. 2) The fact that Mary likes the man is obvious. 3) The man that Mary likes lives in Madison. What’s similar between sentences 1 and 3 is that the subject in both sentences is a relative clause.  Theta roles make “ the man” necessary. Just ‘ who Mary likes”  and “ that Mary likes”  would not be  grammatical subjects. The difference between the two sentences is “Who” and “that” do not work the same. “Who”  is co-
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Unformatted text preview: indexed with the man, whereas that is not. Who starts in the accusative position down at the x-bar tree and moves up to the spec of CP. Down at the tree who gets the theta role from likes assigned. That, however, starts in the spec of CP. There is no movement. likes assigns its theta rola to the OP, which makes the sentence grammatical....
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