Homework #9-2 - B Roberti knew[CP that it was necessary[CP...

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English 329  English Syntax Homework # 9   Carnie pp. 419 The existence of PRO A) [To behave oneself in public] is expected. I think this sentence provides support for the existence of PRO in the subject position of the non-finite  clause, because of the fact that, even though, there’s not a visible antecedent for the anaphor oneself  in this sentence, the sentence still is grammatical. An anaphor needs to be bound by an antecedent,  which this sentence, at first sight, lacks. However, if there in fact is something in the subject-position  of the finite clause, where of course no case is assigned, the anaphor oneself is in fact bound, namely  by PRO. Also, behave needs to assign a theta-role and without PRO, that wouldn’t be possible.
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Unformatted text preview: B) Roberti knew [CP that it was necessary [CP PROi to behave himselfi]]. Sentence B also provides evidence for the existence of PRO. Both knew and to behave need to assign a theta role to Robert, but each argument can only be assigned one and only one theta role. Therefore, to behave needs to assign its theta role to something other than Robert. It appears to assign the theta role to PRO, hence providing evidence for the actual existence of PRO. Carnie pp. 421 English predicates I have sorted the given predicates into the following categories: Subject-to-subject raising (SSR) is likely is believed Seems Subject-to-object raising (SOR) Want Advice Imagine Subject Control (SC) Is eager Is ready Consent Intended Promise...
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Homework #9-2 - B Roberti knew[CP that it was necessary[CP...

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