English 329 Homework #8 - 1b which demonstrate that the...

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English 329  English Syntax Homework # 8 Haegeman and Gueron pp. 211-227 #1 Constraints on movement The varying degree of ungrammaticality of the sentences has to do with the fact that the spec of CP in  the infinite embedded clause in every sentence is filled with a conjunction or WH-word. However,  when there’s also a WH-word that needs to move up to the spec of CP of the main clause, there’s a  clash between the WH-word and the conjunction. This has to do with the locality constraint. A DP must  always go to the closest possible landing site. Of course, if that closest landing site is already  occupied, the DP must find a landing site that is further away, which makes the sentences  ungrammatical.
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Haegeman and Gueron pp. 211-227 #2 Wanna Contraction
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Unformatted text preview: 1b, which demonstrate that the wanna-contraction can be grammatically correct, who starts in an accusative position in d-structure. Who then moves up to the spec of CP2 (to check the +WH-feature), where it functions as an object. In sentence 1c & 1b, who starts in the spec of VP and it moves up to TP to get its nominative case and check +EPP. Because it needs to check the +WH-feature as well, it moves further up the tree to check that feature. It ends up at the top of the tree in the spec of CP. It functions as the subject of the infinitive embedded clause. The traces left by who in sentence 1c & 1d prevents to to contract to want. The trace left by who in sentences 1a & 1b, however, doesn’t interfere and to can contract to want....
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English 329 Homework #8 - 1b which demonstrate that the...

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