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Ray C. Bliss Papers Youth Organizations Veteran’s Committee of the Young Republican National Federation o Box 34, folder 56, A o “The Veterans’ Committee commits itself to he task of informing and preparing the nation-wide YR organizations for action on important issues affecting all Veterans.” o December 9, 1965 Speak Out o Box 34, folder 56, A o “This year, more than ever before, Young Republicans must SPEAK-OUT for their party. Our party has a tremendous opportunity to make significant gains at all levels of government in 1966. All indications are that the Democrats are highly vulnerable on both national and local issue, and Young republicans should SPEAK-OUT to this effect!!! o Manuals sold for 40 cents/ copy, organizational packets sold for $9. o April 18, 1966 “Exciting” new programs—new tools, as it were,-- with which you can fashion victory in November, 1966. o Box 34, folder 56, A o “In order to help pay for these programs, Chairman Bliss has approved our construction of a Participating Membership Program, through which YR’s will be able to assist financially in the development of their Party. This program was adopted unanimously at the recent National Executive Committee Meeting in Chicago. We are hopeful that we will be able to enlist the support of several thousand YR’s across the country at $10 per person for a two-year Participating Membership. Those who purchase Participating Memberships will be awarded a replica of the new YR emblem which can be worn as a lapel pin, as jewelry, etc. Special recognition will be given to those who contribute $50 or more through this Participating Membership Program.”… o November 1, 1965 Special Projects- 1965 o Box 34, folder 56, A o Teen-Age Republicans o New Symbol- from Punchy, the elephant, to “our Star”, to convey the new, mature image of the Young republicans o 365 Day Countdown Dinners “Six major dinners were held across the nation featuring Republican congressmen under 40 years of age. The purpose was to “countdown to victory” to election day on November 8, 1966. We feel this project was very successful in highlighting the need for a year-round effort to achieving victory in the 1966 congressional elections.” o ACTT Project- Send gifts and supplies to the people of Vietnam o ADP Computer Information Sheet- mailing lists Newspaper “Evening Star”, Washington, D.C., June 15, 1965, dateline Miami Beach, Florida, article by Paul Hope o Bliss replies to a letter that the contents of the article were to a degree misleading due to the fact that the whole story was not told o July 20, 1965 o “Not only the Young republicans budget, but all budgets in all divisions were reduced to a far greater extent than that of the Young Republicans. The basic reason for this, of
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course, is that I have always been a firm believer that a Headquarters should operate in the black and not n the red.” o Box 34, Folder 56, B-K June 25, 1965- Columbus Dispatch reports Young Republicans budget cuts by Bliss
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Ray C. Bliss papers - Ray C Bliss Papers Youth...

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