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Minutes for Final Design Review Pull up resistor for P0.7, and connect all resistors o fixed Crystal capacitors should be 20pF no 20uF o fixed How do I know the packets of data are correct o At this point I do not know, I am in the middle of writing the code for all 5 fingers to work together. I would assume that if I see an “a” on the screen when I wanted a “c” then the packets are not correct. Also with the accelerometer, I will be able to tell by mouse movement on the screen. I will also look into this further. Make some sort of training mode to sense finger size o My design should make use of every size hands. The way the sensor works is that it has to go past a certain point and then it is triggered. This point will be different for everyone’s hands but will still be somewhat close in everyone’s hands. My device also will be able to fit mostly everyone’s hands because of the way it was
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Unformatted text preview: designed. Designate names for parts (ex. Comp U1, Comp U2) o done Do I have a fallback if I cannot do 46 things. o No fallback, If I cannot do 46 things then I will not be able to do more than 10 things and therefore I have failed. Put in analog circuit for accelerometer o Will do Once it works with Justins hands, will it then work with everyone elses hands? Maybe for some but I suspect not for everyone. I suspect it will need to also have a hand calibration routine so it can work for everyone. If his project is for it to only work with Justin, that is OK, otherwise you may need to think about this. o Same answer as training mode. Again I will have this only work for my hand and whoevers hand it works for. If I have time I will try and develop some more....
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