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Identities and Nationalities *it’s more important for nations to forget things than to remember 1. Rise of the Nation-State -Renaissance – resurgent of the arts, history, philosophy -Revolutions – wanted to rise up and over throw the democracy -Enlightenment – philosophical movement. Political way of looking at things. 2. Nationalism -Definition – political ideology. Came from ides of self governance -Overlooks diversity in favor of cohesive poll 3. Origins of Nationalism -“Imagined Communities” by Benedict Anderson - Four main mechanisms in the creation of nationalism
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Print capitalism – was one of the main mechanisms that started nationalism. Things were written in multiple languages (not just Latin). Led to new reading publics. 2. New literary genres: components of print culture. (novel and newspaper) 3. Bureaucratic pilgrimages in colonial empires. 4. official nationalism 4. What does language have to do with nationalism?- Cultural standardization- Educational standardization- Linguistic standardization 5. What makes Americans American?...
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