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Unformatted text preview: Be able to answer the seven basic world view questions about each of the following: Theism Question Christian Theism 1. Prime Reality? God 2. External Reality? God’s creation 3. What is a human being? Imago dei 4. What happens at death? Enter the spiritual realm 5. Why is it possible to know? An attribute of God 6. Right and Wrong? Natural law/scripture 7. Meaning of history? Linear with at purpose Naturalism Existentialism 1. Matter 1. Physical World 2. Objective & subjective 2. A closed Material Universe 3. Existence precedes essence 3. Complex Machine 4. Non-existence 4. The end of existence 5. Self-consciousness 5. Evolutionary self-consciousness 6. Self-determination/choice 6. Self-Determination 7. Uncertain & unimportant 7. Linear without purpose Eastern Monism Islam 1. Brahman 1. Allah 2. Illusion/Karma 2. Allah’s creation 3. Atman 3. A created being 4. Rebirth/Liberation 4. Reward or punishment 5. To be is not to know 5. Mohammed has made it possible 6. The consequence of Karma 6. Shariah 7. Cyclical 7. Linear with a purpose New Age Post-modernism 1. The Self 1. The physical world 2. The visible and the invisible 2. A closed material universe 3. An evolving god 3. What we make of ourselves 4. Reincarnation or cosmic awareness 4. The end of existence 5. Expanded consciousness 5....
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