The Pedlar - The Pedlar By: Alphonso Wetmore Michelle...

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The Pedlar By: Alphonso Wetmore Michelle Galloway 986398 Theater 1100: WS2007
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The play The Pedlar by Alphonso Wetmore and directed by Cheryl Black, is a frontier farce that takes place on the Missouri frontier in 1821 that includes music and dancing. The whole play deals with relationships and how everyone ends up with whom they are supposed to be with at the end of the play. The first act of the play takes place outside of Old Prairie’s house, which is mistaken to be a tavern by Nutmeg, the pedlar. This angers Old Prairie, which then urges him to call for Betsy the Hired hand. Betsy wants to marry Ike, but he never wants to tie the knot. Ike is an auctioneer who stirs the plot throughout the entire play. Nutmeg is introduced as being sly and selling lanterns to everyone that lives there. Opposum is then introduced. He is the son of old Prairie and serves declares that he is the constable in the play. Oppossum finds companionship with the Keelboatman who he goes hunting and wrestles with. The next act takes place inside the house where Mary is first introduced while reciting poetry. Mary’s cousin, Pecan starts to fall in love with the Yankee Pedlar, Nutmeg. It is then that Mary starts to complain that she will never find the right guy. Eventually Mary is introduced to Harry from Boston. Who we later learn is ironically Old Continental’s son. This is somewhat strange because both wanted to pursue Mary during the play. Over the years though, Old
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The Pedlar - The Pedlar By: Alphonso Wetmore Michelle...

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