FINAL_REVIEW - FINAL REVIEW: 1. Describe role of BN XO, and...

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FINAL REVIEW: 1. Describe role of BN XO, and responsibilities - 2 nd in command to BC - coordinate the staff in accordance with the commanders guidance -Over sees the BN orders process. - Logistic operations and plans 2. 1 attribute of a good aar. Pg 114. - Feedback and insight critical to battle focused training and combat performance. 3. Importance of LDP. Pg 3-9, slided 4-15 - Cadet commands process of developing individual cadets’ abilities by providing continuous cycle of leadership opportunities followed by assessment, feedback, counseling, and improvement. 4. Three domains of army leader development model, and an example of each event/domain?. - Operational, Institutional, and Self development. - OP – soldier and leader training in the unit. - IN – Schools and training centers - SD – life-long learning process. 5. Combat training centers: discus two benefits - Provides COE (current operating environment) training for deployments. - allows for larger scale training missions - embeds doctrine - produces bold, innovative leaders through tactical and operational exercises. 6. Purpose of unit metl - Shape the security environment. - Respond promptly to crisis - mobilize army - conduct forcible entry ops - dominate land ops - provide support to civil authorities 7. 2 things you must 8. 4 of 7 steps of the ethical decision making process. - Identify ethical problem - ID key issues - Generate key alternatives - analyze alternatives - compare alternatives - Make and execute decision - assess results 9. 2 ways you can prevent harm to non combatants
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FINAL_REVIEW - FINAL REVIEW: 1. Describe role of BN XO, and...

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