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BB chapter 7 - Celebrities as her role models and...

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A very interesting concept of speech is the idea of a Saint. In the most basic sense it is a religious pioneer or someone that distinguished himself by doing great things in the religious sector. In Rhetoric it is based on the same principle. It is the assumption that some person is being portrayed as an ideal that is distinguishable. A common place for people to hold speeches where they establish not just one, but on average between five and seven people as Saints is the Academy Awards event. In 2002 Halle Berry won the Oscar for Best Actress. Emotionally overcome and after the initial celebration, she engaged the rhetorical concept of portraying people as Saints. She stands out in many ways of this concept, since she establishes a great number of people. She elaborates on people that build her up to that moment. She reestablishes some of the great African American Female Actors and
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Unformatted text preview: Celebrities as her role models and supporters. Her management is a portrayed in a positive light. There are a few ways in which she was effective during this speech, as well as some parts that lacked efficiency. It is obvious to say that she addressed many of her role models in a very short period of time. That caused her to only be able to elaborate on very few people, their actions and the effect that they had on her. All words were words of praise and ideals, but given the emotional state of mind that she was in combined with the publicity of the event, one crucial aspect suffered. Her emotions compromised her credibility level. A calmer, more confident Halle Berry would have been much more stable and credible than the emotionally stressed one....
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