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Blackboard - The fact that he let’s the public draw out...

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Discussion Board Cuban Missile Crisis Speech by JFK The term imagination to means that the mind has the power to perceive some thought as real. Furthermore it is the ability of being able to see an event with the inner eye. Since the word imagination is derived from the word image, it describes a mental picture. This mental picture is imagination. During the Cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy employs this tool to stimulate people’s thoughts on what could happen. He avoids placing a direct image in the minds of the public, but rather describes the general situation. He mentions the threat, but does not really point out the worst case scenario. This tool of speech was used very effectively for a number of reasons.
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Unformatted text preview: The fact that he let’s the public draw out their own worst case scenario gives him not only the attention of his audience, but increases his public support. He mostly describes the capabilities of the enemy and in doing so gets people in a state of mind in which they will support any action taken by him to reestablish their feeling of security. He is also very effective at keeping the U.S. in breaking out in panic. His carefully chosen words make citizens aware of the threat and let’s each think of what could happen to them. However he does so in a very controlled manner that reinforces the confidence in him....
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