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Unformatted text preview: Casual Reasoning is used as a tool of speech to initiate a course of action. It is the process by which a speaker uses common knowledge to describe a scenario in which it is necessary to engage in an action. Though it is commonly used in any form of communication, it can be clearly identified, but is sometimes neglected. Prior to Katrina, certain officials held discussions on the state of the levees in New Orleans. Those discussions were held to encourage casual reasoning in a manner to cause the legislature to invest in the improvement of those levees. In Patrick Henrys "Give me Liberty, or give me Death" speech, he employs casual reasoning to an obvious degree. He builds his credibility initially by describing the situation that the colonies are in and hold them up for comparison to the general ideas of freedom and liberty. In doing so, he can let those concept lead him into the course of action that he finds most effective. He appeals to the illusion of freedom and hope that dwell within the population to cause the colonies to take a stand against the King of Britain. The concept of casual reasoning is not only illustrated intensely by Patrick Henry, but it is also applied in a situation in which it has maximum efficiency. Throughout his speech he builds on relevant ideas that are applicable by anyone in the Colonies during that time period. The subhuman treatment that he mentions and the effective comparison to the ideal circumstances in a free country alone make for a very effective reasoning tool. His main point and the essential idea of casual reasoning is employed in the last part of the speech. He calls for radical action that needs to happen in order to battle the ideas that he just established in his speech. He effectively builds and guides the minds of an entire nation through his application of casual reasoning. ...
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