Assignment 13.2

Assignment 13.2 - Lesson 13 Life Cycle Assessment Setting...

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Lesson 13, Life Cycle Assessment: Setting Boundaries and Making Choices Part 2--Making Choices : My Example of which I will provide LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) is the following: Trip to campus by bus or private vehicle? Layout the life cycle stages and inventories for your set of choices and detail what information you would have to know to determine which is the better choice. This means you are going to have to determine how the specific goods are produced and how they ultimately find their way to you and what, eventually, becomes of them. You are to identify what data you would have to acquire at all the life cycle stages of the specific item. You do not need to determine the specific energy requirements or amounts of waste produced, but you will need to investigate far enough to be able to: I am assuming that in this case the following is true: Person is traveling from a set distance away from Ithaca to the Cornell University Campus. This distance is 350 miles. This is an estimated average travel distance of students from Cornell University. True, many travel from much greater distances, but many of those take a plane. We need the following modes of transportation: 1 Bus o Typical coach style seating, pretty standard coach bus. Aisle in the middle, about 20 rows of 2 seats, TV’s overhead, 6 Miles Per Gallon diesel, etc… 1 Private car o A medium sized sedan, produced in Japan, imported, several years old, consumes gas at about an average of 25 miles per gallon combined driving. Adding passengers makes little difference to fuel efficiency, so we’ll ignore that possibility. Determine what you need to know: For the Bus I would need to know the following:
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o How much fuel it uses in the trip per person (gallons/people) Then we would need to look at the production efficiency of diesel fuel, we should also correct for KJ used per mile per person (estimate 92%) o We need to look at the efficiency of the bus
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Assignment 13.2 - Lesson 13 Life Cycle Assessment Setting...

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