Assignment 16.2

Assignment 16.2 - Lesson 16 Sustainable Development and You...

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Lesson 16: Sustainable Development and You Assignment 2 MAKING CONNECTIONS: POLICIES Task 1:Examining codes of ethics and sustainability policies. I examined the Following Codes of Ethics: 1. Society of Professional Journalism ( ) a. This code of ethics suggests the following: i. Seek truth and report it ii. Minimize harm iii. Act independently, and iv. Be accountable b. I find this code of ethics to be the best one that I’ve read so far. It seems less idealistic than the others that follow. I know that sometimes there are stories that are difficult to report because there is some personal lost involved in the interviewee, but that is part of life. At the same time the more detailed descriptions for the 4 points listed above seem to be possible and obtainable, even in a competitive work environment. I do wonder how many journalists adhere to this policy on a daily basis though. 2. Code of Conduct for public figures and Officials ( ) a. Much of this code of ethics had to do with neutrality, giving equal help to all sides of an issue, making information open and easily accessible to the public, while keeping other information strictly confidential. Other sections just stated how honesty is important, and maintaining excellent moral character, and not making decisions that mar the opinion of officials and other public figures. I enjoyed the neutrality part, although I question it’s effectiveness. In
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  • Spring '07
  • SCOTT,N.R.
  • right thing, ethical code, The Hardest Thing, Ethics For Professional Teachers, Society of Professional Journalism

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Assignment 16.2 - Lesson 16 Sustainable Development and You...

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