REW Rhetoric and Writing Studies s07 Sager Borat vs. smoking

REW Rhetoric and Writing Studies s07 Sager Borat vs....

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Professor Jennifer Sager RWS 200, Section A6 11 May 2007 GRADE: (92%) Ignorance and Prejudice in Americas Culture Is the United States of America really as good of a country as we all think it is? Yes we have freedom but to a certain extent. We are also powerful and make a lot of decisions for the rest of the world. But when it comes to addressing cultural problems, are we really as good as we say we are? Smoking, one of the leading countries in homicides, and the most alcohol related car accidents are all problems that we not only face, but problems that we have a hard time fixing. Maybe it’s because we have lobbyists swaying the decisions for making new laws against these problems that our hurting our society. Maybe it’s because our government makes money on having these problems because the government runs many of these organizations. In the movie Borat , the director Larry Charles, addresses these cultural problems in an elusive way. By using comedy as the front for the movie Charles is able to slip in a lot of cultural problems that our society has in order to make the audience subconsciously think about these issues. Thank You for Smoking addresses the problems of gun, alcohol, and cigarette abuse while also using humor as a diversion from those problems being the main point in the movie. In this paper I will discuss what contemporary situations are striking as the context within what I read. I will also raise questions about our current scene in the United States. Lastly I will examine the language and positions of these arguments in light of current issues. I will show the ignorance and prejudice of our country through two satirical comedies, Borat and Thank You for Smoking . In Thank You For Smoking the director, Jason Reitman, makes fun of cultural
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problems the United States has, such as gun problems, alcohol issues, and the main point smoking in order to draw light to the argument. In the movie Borat, on the other hand, Larry Charles introduces the problems of prejudice and ignorance in a not so obvious way. Through his humor that is not so funny to all racial or religious groups, actor/writer Sacha Baron Cohen gets his point across using anti-Semitic jokes as a basis for his movie. These two movies show how many people are ignorant to the underlying prejudice and sexism in our country. Both of these directors use humor as a basis for their movies in order to make their problem known but not to obvious. By doing this people will focus more on the comedy than the argument but they will be leaving the movie thinking about the arguments each of the directors is trying to get across. This
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REW Rhetoric and Writing Studies s07 Sager Borat vs....

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