Assignment 06.1 - Assignment #6 Biodiversity Assignment If...

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Assignment #6 – Biodiversity Assignment If I had to pick a side, I’d side with Conway, although both sides make good points. I personally disagree with the approach by both sides. I don’t see genetically modified foods as solving world hunger problems. I find it easy to be dismayed by the fact that we produce enough food, but people don’t get a chance to eat it. Then I think about the founding principal of economics, that being that economics is the distribution of scarce resources that are wanted by all to the few. I’m not saying that it’s right, but it’s how it goes. In the US, a place where there is obvious excess that hangs over the belts of a sad and lazy silent majority of our countries people, there is clearly a problem. I have always found it ironic that thousands of people die a day from starvation, and here in the US, thousands die a day from a lifetime of indulgence, sloth, denial, and eventually indifference. Still, I do not want to stray too far from the topic of GM foods. I think that like Conway said, we have long genetically modified crops. Sure, we have the ability to do it quicker than before, but as long as there has been farming, there has been intentional genetic manipulation. In some of the reading, they make it sound like genes are just popped in and out, like this can be accomplished in a few minutes. In reality, making any sort of transgenic organism, be it a mouse or a plant or a person, takes significant trial and error, a lot of time, money, and a significant amount of luck. I know this because I worked for 4 summers in a lab with transgenic mice. That the complex scientific process and thousands of hours of work is reduced to a single line in a paper to make a point is disappointing as well as flat out wrong. I also disagree with the argument of companies charging to have
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Assignment 06.1 - Assignment #6 Biodiversity Assignment If...

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