Assignment 13.1

Assignment 13.1 - Lesson 13 LCA Assignment Life Cycle...

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Lesson 13, LCA Assignment Life Cycle Assessment: Setting Boundaries and Making Choices Part 1--Setting Boundaries: The Hocking paper also includes an energy analysis of reusable and disposable cups. Your task is to consider what was included and excluded by the 'boundaries' in the reusable and disposable cups example provided in the Hocking paper. o Included and excluded by the boundaries: o Disposable cups: o Paper cups might cost less or use fewer materials in he short run production. But since they only foster one use or so, a cup that has a higher production cost/energy cost will quickly outpace the paper cup provided that the non- disposable cup sees more uses. See farther along assignment for more details and explanation. o Home heating Issues: o If the boundary is the home, then the electric heating system is almost 100% efficient. If the boundary is defined as more than the home and is extended beyond the walls to the production and transportation of the type of energy used then we see that while gas is only 75% efficient in the home, electricity production is very inefficient outside the home. o
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Assignment 13.1 - Lesson 13 LCA Assignment Life Cycle...

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