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Assignment 02.2 - Lesson 2 Assignment 2 It is pretty easy...

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Lesson 2 – Assignment 2 It is pretty easy to look at the issues and see a polarizing right and wrong. Extra care must be taken though because the role of the government as well as the goals of businesses must be taken into account. After some careful observation, one must remember that there is not always one clear answer. Law, property rights, personal rights, and a whole slew of other issues must be taken into consideration. When I look at the issues I see several ways that I can improve. First, I have a car on campus. I find it very useful to get around Ithaca. I did not have a car freshman year, and I found it absolutely depressing. It was hard to get anywhere. It was hard to see certain friends. Sure, there were times that I could have taken a T-Cat, but I often even question the environmental friendliness of an empty T-Cat that is so often seen around Tompkins County. I should also add that I don’t have a very practical car. It has 2 seats and no roof. It is loud and fast. I should probably drive a Prius instead. At the same time, cars are a passion
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