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PA 200 Midterm 1 f07

PA 200 Midterm 1 f07 - 5 How can you ensure that public...

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OF THE 8 QUESTIONS LISTED BELOW, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO WRITE ON TWO OF THE 4 QUESTIONS SELECTED FOR THE EXAM - ONE OF YOUR CHOOSING AND ONE OF MINE. 1. Describe the structure of the administrative State. How is it organized? Provide specific examples of the role of bureaucracy at the federal or state level. 2. What are the basic goals of the public agencies? Whose needs do they best serve- provide specific examples. 3. What was the traditional role of public administration? Who was the primary architect of this view? What were the pro’s and con’s of this view as discussed in class? 4. How do “external “sources of power in a democratic state effect policy outcomes within public agencies? Provide specific examples at the federal, state, and local levels.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How can you ensure that public agencies and their employees serve the public interest? What ethical dilemmas do bureaucrats face? Provide specific examples. 6. Define accountability as it pertains to public agencies and public servants. Define they various types of accountability. 7. What are the 3 types of accountability tools of public agencies and/or officials? Describe the “external checks”. Provide an example from lecture or text. 8. Define decision-making. Describe the 3 types of decision-making systems. Based on the crises listed below, which decision-making system best defines the outcome (pick one crisis)- explain. A- Hurricane Katrina B- Iraq War C- Cuban Missile (13 days) D- Oliver North (Iran-Contra)...
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