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Assignment 08.1 - Assignment#8 and Midterm Project Global...

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Assignment #8 and Midterm Project Global Warming – Myth or Fact rmf34 Part #1 – A list and discussion illustrating the range of stakeholders and systems involved in the governance and decision-making process regarding global climate. The following is my list of stakeholders in the global warming/global climate change issue (I included general references, some of this I already knew but I used wikipedia crosschecked with other references that were provided on the various wiki pages to confirm that the information was true. Most of it was not really up for debate and was pretty well accepted as common knowledge): Former Vice President Al Gore – Advocate of making changes to turn climate change around. He believes in global warming but he also believes that people have the power and the technology to reverse the damage that we’ve caused. Al Gore is a leader in climate change and has become a face of the movement. He has avoided becoming too grassroots as he is a politician and he always brings science that is well worded and absent of confusing jargon to his audience. He is a leader of progressives and will probably become involved in politics in the future. He was one of the first politicians to grasp the significance of climate change. Al Gore won an international peace prize in 2007 and an academy award for his film “An Inconvenient Truth in 2005.” He is a member of the Apple board of directors and has been involved high up at Google as well. ( ) President Incumbent George W. Bush – Bush has been criticized by many for his environmental policies. He has catered to big businesses that have weakened the government’s footing on the global warming issue as a whole.
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Bush has opposed the Kyoto Protocol, claiming that signing it would have a negative economic impact on the United States. He suggests that more research needs to be done to verify if there is indeed climate change. Bush further states that he does not support the Kyoto protocol because it unfairly targets the United States while letting China and India slip by with dirty practices, as they are less developed nations. China is the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gasses and that the US needs to clean up is not fair when China is such a growing problem. His clear skies act has been criticized for letting corporations pollute even more than currently allowed. ( istration#Environment ) General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz – As a vice chairman of General Motors, the largest company in the United States, as well as the head of new product development, he denies that global warming or climate change are real. In an interview with the press, he said that global warming is a “Total crock of shit.” While Lutz is not a spokesperson for GM, it is not comforting that he takes this attitude. He was also against the raising of the
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Assignment 08.1 - Assignment#8 and Midterm Project Global...

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