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Assignment 11.1 - Sustainable Community An Assessment rmf34...

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Sustainable Community: An Assessment – rmf34 Assessment Criterion : o Number of people served by the community o Success of programs o Effectively raising awareness o Expanse of programs o Plans for expansion o Actually sustainable o Effectively managed o Price relative to “traditional” housing Eco-Village at Ithaca : Summary of initiatives: o Educational program for outside world o Suburban living place o Minimize ecological impact o 2 neighborhoods, building a 3 rd o organic vegetable farm o office spaces o community gardens o root cellar o community dinners several days a week o volunteer program for maintenance, finance, governance Similarities/Differences: o The Eco-Village at Ithaca is a relatively small community with about 60 homes. It has basic expected programming and has the same goals of the other communities/organizations. It is different in that there are different needs for the inhabitants and the weather patterns. Progress States: o 2 neighborhoods up and running o want to make it more accessible o want an education center, charter school o more affordable housing o village scale wind power in the works o grey-water recycling o a shuttle van o natural cemetery o bio-diesel production center o so basically, the center is up and running, and over time,
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they hope to do more of the same, accommodate more people and have programs that increase awareness and become more accessible with increasing economies of scale. There are many programs to work on, that probably have simply not been tackled yet. Assessment of relative strengths and weaknesses of initiatives in terms of furthering sustainability: o Number of people served by the community The community has over 60 family homes and is continuing to expand, it needs more capacity, but there is only so much that be done in a limited amount of time o Success of programs Its programs are successful and attract residents and members from close and far o Effectively raising awareness I had not heard of the program before, so I would say that perhaps it could be more effective, but at the same time, Cornell University is isolated from Ithaca even though I make a great attempt to break that
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Assignment 11.1 - Sustainable Community An Assessment rmf34...

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