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Part 1 - Growth I stand towards the optimism side of the growth issue. I think that while we are consuming limited resources, we are discovering technologies that do help us conserve resources. Right now, some technologies are expensive, solar and wind power are options, but they don’t save money. When they become cheaper than fossil fuels, their use will become widespread. While we are facing a drastic increase in population, we still produce overall an excess food for the entire world. Sure, we don’t allocate it in the most efficient manner possible, but overall, the system works. I don’t see a tragic drastic failure of our society, as we know it. Sure, time and use of various resources will bring about change, but there will not be a doomsday. At this very moment, we are teetering on the edge of a period of said change. The US is entering a recession and possibly even a depression. It will take several years to come out of this storm and when the dust finally settles we look around at
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