Assignment 09.2

Assignment 09.2 - Part 2 Construction of a live-work...

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Part 2 – Construction of a live-work building My project is a live/work building. This is a somewhat old concept that is not yet readily employed. My live/work building would consist of a office style section that is laid out with a central cafeteria/dining facility. On the exterior would be the offices that look out onto green fields and the wind power mills further up the hill that provide power to the complex. Cooling would come from a local lake, which would further reduce the impact of the live/work building on the environment. There would also be a residential component of the live/work building. It would be attached through an above ground tunnel system as well as through exposed quads. It would not view the working section of the building and its style would be different so as to assume a more “normal” removed housing unit. The complex would be attached to the neighboring downtown through a subway system that runs off clean wind and solar power. All of the basic functions of a community would be available on site, or downtown via a short train ride. A benefit to the facility would be that it would eliminate the need for commuting to work. As there would a place to obtain food and ample paths/exercise facilities, as well as an in-house health center, other than the need to get out and get away, people would not need to leave the complex. Leaving would be encouraged, but taking the efficient train or walking would
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Assignment 09.2 - Part 2 Construction of a live-work...

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