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Group A Class Lecture Notes - Audra Bartels International...

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Audra Bartels International Studies 501 Group A Notes 11/20/2007 Class Lecture Notes, Dr. B. Kardaras 9/25/2007 U.N. Security Council: France Russia Walked out of the UNSC resulting in Korean War. Maybe they didn’t want to stop it? They could have vetoed, abstained, supported, but they made another decision/action- they walked out. China (1971) UK US Nonverbal communication making a statement. Verbal/nonverbal + Body Language/Facial Acting Overt/Covert Uniform- Uniform rules apply to everyone? Everyone wearing a uniform? Words are abstractions. The greater the abstraction, the more powerful it is. Peace. Ex) Hitler, “I want peace. I want a piece of everything” The transition from hunting/gathering communities/bands/groupings to society Society - The establishment of Agriculture/development of cities, states, kings, priests, writing. SURPLUS Surplus leads to Division of Labor Society = Power. The most powerful thing that exists. Once society is formed, they build internal system maintenance function. Safeguard their continuity Law. Represents power: the power of those in power to create law Polity Priests. Articulators of ideas. Frame discussions, topics, create legitimacy Religion. Regulation mechanism State= cement/glue holding society together. Priests legitimizing the power of the people in power, their own roles as well Surplus causes: Competition over who gets what- agreements/alliances International negotiated agreements to “take someone else’s body” Hammurabi’s Code Ganging up/making others slaves Mesopotamia: between Tigress and Euphrates = Present day Iraq Society Civilization ^ | \/ Organic analogy as body: immune system = system maintenance functions. Body/society = homeostasis, equilibrium, balance International Law People decide to create rules/regulations to protect the world so that it doesn’t revert to chaos. Complexities Development of Christianity, Islam 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas- Divies the world into 2 parts: one part to Portugal, one to Spain. Blessed by the Vatican. 1648 Treaty of Westphalia 9/27/07 c. 500-600 AD Roman Law- under Justinian (Rule from Constantinople) & Theodora/continuity of Greek Law
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Dr. B. Kardaras Lecture Notes 2 Bartels.2 Italian Greek (Western) (Eastern) Appropriation of Greek names to Latin: Ex) Democritus vs. Demokritos Byzantine Politics- Application of the laws across massive terrain. It’s very complicated. Old Testament: “Law Book” = Leviticus. A lot gets transmitted into Islam *These things are very interconnected 1598 Gentili (Alberico) 1625 Hugo de Groot/Hugo Grotius 1648 Treaty of Westphalia Custom plays a large role in Int’l law. Trade/treatment of Ambassadors.
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Group A Class Lecture Notes - Audra Bartels International...

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