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pam 380 study guide - Cross Cultural Sexuality Universal...

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Cross Cultural Sexuality Universal turn-on’s Youth Health Wealth Sexual turn-offs Poor hygiene cowardice Fun Fact: kissing is considered disgusting in Tonga Incest Cayapa Indians - offender roasted to death Kaska Indians - offender leaps into fire or tears off his penis Havasupai Indians - reprimand offender Otoro - Africa- believe leprosy will afflict the entire kinship Tanala - Madagascar- the community will experience a set of severe calamities Toradja of Celebes- must kill a woman pregnant with an incest baby or it won’t stop raining Aleut - children born of incestuous union will be monsters of will have severely blemished faces Zuni Indians - if you have a child out of incest you will have a mudhead who are strange. They also had A’toshle who dressed up to scare children Family Planning China - one child family policy, free abortions and birth control India - create a more educated society, increase income, better health and education Liberia (rural villages)- abstain from intercourse while mother is breast-feeding Gender Identity Zuni Indians – gender variation historically revered, 2 spirits means your holy Kenya - criminalizes homosexuality Iran - under Islamic law in Iran, gays and lesbians can be executed Premarital Expectations
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Marquesas of Nuku Hiva Island in Eastern Polynesia - boys and sometimes girls are likely to have heterosexual and same sex encounters before puberty. These encounters are condoned by the by the culture. Many Muslim countries, and rural Greece, premarital sex is often dealt with very harshly - honor killings may occur. Premarital restrictions Age at marriage set by government in mainland China - over 20 for females, over 23 for men. Minimum age for giving birth is 24. Sex before marriage is prohibited. Marriage while in University prohibited. 17 year old Bariya Magazu was sentenced to 180 lashes (Sharia, an
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pam 380 study guide - Cross Cultural Sexuality Universal...

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