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What I though was most interesting this week was learning how small our species actually is, time wise. We have been around a fourth of the time other homosapien’s have been around this astounds me. Watching the video really helped me see what they were like, seeing how close to us they really are makes a person think. The idea that at one point in time there were different species of humans during the same period is mind blowing. Looking at us today, we all look so different but we are all very much the same on the inside. Back then, there were different species that coexisted but didn’t procreate and produce viable offspring, as far as we know. It really makes me wonder why this species is the only one that survived. One reason this could be is our brain structure, but why
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Unformatted text preview: did only one species learn to survive, as we did. Why is there only one species of humans alive today? This is the main question that I have regarding our species. Watching the video in class on Tuesday helped me to understand why some species didn’t survive, but I still wonder why only one species of humans evolved the way we did, what happened to us that we lost all our hair, and grew such amazing brains. The ability to have imagination, to see what ‘could’ be instead of just being able to see what ‘is’ is an extraordinary ability and as far as we know, exclusively a human trait. I am hoping that finishing up this course will help me better understand why only one species of human evolved to be able to survive....
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