Anthropology paper 8

Anthropology paper 8 - The third theory is Partial...

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Eryn Townsend 10/30/07 Anthropology Paper Eight This week I found most interesting the idea of trying to find out where we modern humans came from. I thought a while ago that we knew all this already, but reading more I find out we really have no idea. We have some clues as to who our ancestors are, we see similarities in humans that are more modern but we cannot find the genetic connection. We have three theories about it, The Complete Replacement method talks about people evolving more than 100,000 years ago and then migrating out of Africa. This makes sense in some aspect, and I remember my old high school teachers talking about how we all came from Africa, but it does not quite explain everything. Another theory is Regional Continuity this says that different groups around the world evolved directly into modern humans; this idea is the most abstract to me. Because we cannot find anyone with the same genes as pre-modern humans its hard to believe this theory.
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Unformatted text preview: The third theory is Partial Replacement; this is more like the middle idea. This talks about that some humans evolved in Africa and other also evolved in other regions but neither completely replaced the other, as the first theory suggests. Today we have found many new fossils that do not support the second theory, like fossil find in Ethiopia. Although we have ruled out the second theory we have not ruled out the other two, the first one would be very hard t prove because humans do what humans do, and that is mate. Therefore, if two different groups of humans met most likely they would have interbred, now if they produced viable offspring we do not know. We can safely assume that some interbreeding took place but fossils show us that very little if any did take place. I want to be alive when we do find the missing link it would be an extraordinary discovery and it would help answer a lot of questions that I and I am sure many others have as well....
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Anthropology paper 8 - The third theory is Partial...

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