UC2PracticeExam 2 for 2008-1

UC2PracticeExam 2 for 2008-1 - UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY II EXAM...

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UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY II EXAM #2 PRACTICE EXAM Please try this exam under exam-like conditions and give yourself no more than 3 minutes/question. 1. For the reaction 2 SO 2 (g) + O 2 (g) 2 SO 3 (g), K c = 2.7x10 2 at 960K. What is the value of Kp for this reaction at 960K? a) 2.1x10 4 b) 0.29 c) 2.7x10 2 d) 3.4 e) 0.023 2. If K c = 0.25 for the reaction 2 NOBr(g) 2 NO(g) + Br 2 (g), what is the K c at the same pressure and temperature for the reaction: ½ Br 2 (g) + NO(g) NOBr(g) a) 1.0 b) 2.0 c) 4.0 d) 0.63 e) 0.50 3. A 2.50 Liter reaction vessel at 1000 o C contains 0.525 mol CO 2 , 1.25 mol CF 4 , and 0.75 mol COF 2 . Which of the following is true? CO 2 (g) + CF 4 (g) 2 COF 2 (g) K c = 0.50 at 1000 o C a) The concentration of CO 2 will decrease as the reaction proceeds. b) This system is at equilibrium so there will be no change in concentrations. c) This small value of K c means that the reaction will slowly move to completion. d) When this system reaches equilibrium the rates of the forward and reverse reactions will be equal. 4. A mixture of all the gases shown below is at equilibrium. In which of the following cases will the equilibrium shift to the right when the stress described is applied to this system at equilibrium? 4 NH 3 (g) + 3 O 2 (g) 6 H 2 O(g) + 2 N 2 (g) H = -1267 kJ a) Oxygen gas is removed from the mixture. b) The pressure on the system is decreased. c) The reaction mixture is heated. d) A catalyst is added. e)
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UC2PracticeExam 2 for 2008-1 - UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY II EXAM...

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