University Chemistry II Syllabus for Spring, 2008

University Chemistry II Syllabus for Spring, 2008 -...

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CHEMISTRY 1123/1123H UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY II Spring, 2008 Lectures : Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays in SEAU 0104 Time: 7:30 am 9:30 am Instructors: Gwen Mattice Lorraine Brewer Office : CHEM 128 CHEM 130 Office phone: 575-6962 575-3103 e-mail: Office Hours : MWF 8:35 - 9:35 am MWF 10:45 – 11:45 am or you may make an appointment, or just drop by if you wish Co-requisite : CHEM 1121 L or 1121 M (laboratory course) and CHEM 1123 D (Your SI group for this course; please see below). The lab and this lecture course are independently graded. The lab course is under the supervision of Dr. Richard Fleming ( ). Course Goals : To acquire basic relevant chemical knowledge enabling you to apply the properties of atoms and their bonding in describing the properties of materials at the molecular level. Specific course goals will be detailed in lecture and are available on webct. Some transferable skills developed will include language development, problem-solving skills, and evaluating and communicating abstract ideas. Supplies : 1.Text: GENERAL CHEMISTRY, 4 th Edition, by Hill, Petrucci, McCreary, & Perry 2.University of Arkansas ID Card 3.A simple, scientific calculator (non-programmable, non-graphing) 4.Blue scantrons (General Purpose Pearson NCS Answer Sheets, Form # 4521) Other Help Available! 1.Small Group Practice Sessions (Supplemental Instruction Groups or SI Groups): Great practice and a unique social opportunity! Sign up and commit to a small group early. The small groups are required
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University Chemistry II Syllabus for Spring, 2008 -...

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