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CADET SELF-ASSESSMENT REPORT REQUIREMENTS CONTROL SYMBOL (Cadet Cmd Reg 145-3) ATCC-122 CADET Miles, Michael UNIT UTPA DUTY POSITION SL DATE (S) 14JAN04-21JAN04 Card __1_ of __1__ SUMMARY OF PERFORMANCE (Describe the Situation, assigned Task, the Action taken, and the Results). Use Continuation Card if necessary S – Assigned (CO,XO,1SG,PL,PSG,SL) in charge of ___-cadet (CO,PLT,SQD) from (date/time group) to (date/time group) for (type of training). T – Conduct Troop Leading Procedures (TLP’s). (Receive Mission, WARNO, OPORD) A – One week prior to serving in leadership position, got together with company leadership and issued a WARNO to my element, giving them any and all information available at that time, to include my PT plan. A – Received the mission, took copious notes, asked pertinent questions. A – Immediately following the OPORD, issued WARNO, and the time & place of my OPORD. A – Issued a complete 5 paragraph OPORD utilizing the risk management process in a clear and concise voice, ensuring the plan for training was clearly understood by conducting a thorough back brief.
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