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Greg Strand A Cause for Concern In today’s society, global warming is an issue that must be addressed to the ever growing public. We all must be educated to the possible dangers that the increased temperatures of Earth can pose to human as well as plant and animal life too. If people can become better educated on the issue, then the chances of stopping global warming are greatly increased. To fully understand the issue, one must understand a few important principles of global warming, such as the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion. The effects of global warming must be examined, such as those on human, plant, and animal life, as well as the weather and climate. One of the main issues to discuss when talking about global warming is the causes of the phenomena. There are several reasons why global warming is occurring on this planet, unfortunately, they all pretty much arise from what we as humans are doing on this planet. The result from the actions we take on earth lead to ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect. Many scientists believe that the massive amounts of fossil fuels that we are burning here on earth are contributing to this greenhouse effect. (Encarta, 2004) The Greenhouse effect is basically what keeps the earth’s overall climate the way it is. When the sun’s rays it the earth, they are absorbed but many also reflect off of the earth and go back into space in the form of radiation. Where the greenhouse effect comes into play is when the reflected rays bounce of the earth, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere collect and instead of this heat being going back into space, it reflects off of the gases in the atmosphere and the heat stays with the earth, thus heating the planet up. This is just a
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Ast. essay - Greg Strand A Cause for Concern In today's...

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