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Worksheet for the Religions of Antiquity The Immortals :: God/s and Goddess/s Apsu (fresh water) and Tiamat (salt water) in primordial waters gave birth to Lahmu ( male silt) and Lahamu (female silt) then Anshar (sky horizon) and Kishar (earth horizon). Anshar and Kishar’s kids were Anu (male heaven) and Antum (female heaven) thier son was Nuddimud and his children were Ea and Damkina. Ea and Damkina’s son Marduk was the god of Babylon. Anthropology :: Humanity Humans are to be responsible for the toil of the gods so they can breathe freely. Humans must do what the gods say and they will be rewarded.
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Unformatted text preview: Those who do not will be punished. Humans are Ishtar’s children. Enhil gave mankind his exalted place and established Babylon so humans are answerable directly to him. Cosmology :: The Universe and World Apsu and Tiamat’s children formed the earth and heavens. The children became ill-disciplined and annoyed the other sea gods. Apsu was made to sleep while Tiamat was destroyed. The righteous are supposed to be rewarded and the wicked punished. The gods get angry with each other if one of them punishes indiscriminately. Time :: Progression of Universe...
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