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Reading Guide for Persian Religion / Zoroastrianism “Zoroastrianism ,” from the Encyclopedia of Religion . Use this secondary source to glean answers to your worksheet on the topics of “cosmology,” “theology” and “anthropology” “Cosmology” 1) Zoroastrianism merges both monotheism and dualism with out conflict. How is it able to do this? How does its understanding of dualism facilitate this? (see pp. 581-582). “Theology” 1) Address the primary deities in Zoroastrian theology, the function/purpose each serves
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Unformatted text preview: and the reasons for their function/purpose. (see pp. 582-584). Anthropology and Cosmology 1) The cosmological and eschatological doctrines of Zoroastrianism form a complex relationship fusing the human soul with eschatological ideas. Explain the Zoroastrian understanding of the soul within the larger context of the Zoroastrian understanding of eschatology. (see pp.585-586)....
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