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Reading Guide for Egyptian Primary Sources Be sure to read and understand the introductions to each of these texts as these will orient you to some of the major themes, concepts, and figures in the texts. 1. “Deliverance of Mankind from Destruction.” What decree does Re proclaim against humanity? Why does he do this? Why does he retract his decree? What does this imply about the Egyptian’s conception of the relationship between the God/dess and humanity? 2. “Hymn to Atum.” What is it that Atum creates? Why do you think that the Egyptians conceived him
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Unformatted text preview: to create in the manner that he did. 3. “Hymn to Ptah.” What is it that Ptah creates? What is happening between the Ptah hymn and the Atum hymn? 4. “Annals of Hatshepsut.” How is Hatshepsut (a person) created? How is she (a person) animated? What is she (a person) given? 5. “The Debate between a Man Tired of Life and His Soul.” What is the Egyptian name for the soul? Why does the soul take the perspective that it does? Does this story suggest life after death? If so is it a pleasant place or not?...
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