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1.) Suppose the date is june 21 and the sun never sets, as it just touches your northern horizon at midnight. You are standing d.) the artic circle. 2.) What do asteroids and comets have in common? A.) most have been unchanged since formation. 3.) You are travelilin in ophen seas and you have located the north celestial pole in the sky. How can you determint ur latitude on earth? A.) the altitude of the NCP is the same as your latitude. 4.) How does a space shuttle take off from a vertical postion? D.) hot gas shoots from rocket engines, shuttle moves in opposite. 5.) How can differentiation occur in a planet? E.)the planet must have a molten interior. 6.) Why isn’t earth’s atmosphere mostly hydrogen? B.)light gases such as H move faster than heavier gases and escape the earths gravational field 7.) The four Galilian moons are a) a mix of rock and ice, with the ice fraction increasing with distance from Jupiter. 8.) What is not evidence for continental drift
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