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Why has research ethics become so important these days? What are some of the issues from the past that make research ethics so crucial these days? Nazi’s in WWII did experiments on civilian prisoners with respect to the effects of viruses, toxic agents and drugs, this in turn led to the creation of the Nuremburg Code. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, people were infected with syphilis and told they were bring treated for syphyilis by USPHS and never given and treatment for syphilis. This is important today because it helps to protect people from harm and debriefing, as well as helps protect people’s work and their ideas through copyrights, trademarks etc. Researchers are held accountable for giving credit where credit is due. What is the Nuremberg Code? What is its significance? The Nuremberg Code is a set of principles for human experimentation set as a result of the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials at the end of the Second World War . Specifically, they were in response to the inhumane Nazi human experimentation carried out during the war by individuals such as Dr. Josef Mengele . This is the most important document in the history of the ethics of the medical research and the first of its kind to ensure the rights of the subject. In August 1947, the judges delivered their verdict in the " Doctors' Trial " against Karl Brandt and several others. They also delivered their opinion on medical experimentation on human beings. Several of the accused had argued that their experiments differed little from pre-war ones and that there was no law that differentiated between legal and illegal experiments. The Nuremberg code includes such principles as informed consent and absence of coercion ; properly formulated scientific experimentation; and beneficence towards experiment participants. In addition, the Nuremberg code has also been
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