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Justin Sidell December 17, 2007 Literary Works Final 1. People often say that stories, plays and novels have "morals," or lessons to teach. Do you think this is an important element of literature? Use at least three examples from our readings to illustrate your opinion. I think that “morals” within stories are a vital aspect of literature that help to give relevance to the events of a story and give the audience or reader a message to take away from a play or a novel as whole. This is a concept that is illustrated in many of the plays and stories we read this semester. In Sherman Alexie’s Flight, the moral is exemplified on pages 162-163, where Zit’s is able to come to the realization that we should choose flight over fight; articulating this concept by saying “Maybe you’re not supposed to kill. No matter who tells you to do it, No matter how good or bad the reason. Maybe you’re supposed to believe that all life is sacred.” In Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive , the moral that I took away from it was that being able to come to grips with an experience and being able to move on past the experience to retain something positive from it is essential. Li’l Bit is able to do this when she is able to look back on her years of debauched treatment from Peck and realize that he actually has provided her with something of value; he provided her with the freedom she feels only when she’s driving. No One’s a Mystery by Elizabeth Tallent also demonstrates how a moral helps provide meaning to a story. The characters in the story are acting mostly out of curiosity and getting pleasure and a thrill out of it. While Jack, the man in the story clearly demonstrates that he has no interest in anything beyond a sexual relationship with the girl by demonstrating countless selfish and mindless actions. Such as when he slams her head down to the floor, which she justifies it to herself as being a mere part of what she
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Literaryfinal - Justin Sidell December 17, 2007 Literary...

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