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Matt Grein Hist 103 4/30/08 In this article the author goes over how the economy of the south has suffered from the beginning of the war and through the reconstruction period. At the beginning of the civil war the south had a very large amount of money, valued over two billion dollars. At the end of the war their money had dwindled to half the amount that it was before the war started. Through reconstruction and the rebel debt they were assigned to pay off, their taxes sky rocketed putting their total debt be over five billion dollars worth. In some counties, plantation owners would have to sell all their cotton just to pay their taxes. Since the economy was in such a bad shape the people started to act out because of their poverty. They would end up robbing people of money and property to better of themselves, when they were really creating chaos for the whole culture. Since people did not have the money, they were unable to protect themselves from such acts. The author of this article thinks that the reconstruction policies in the south are
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Unformatted text preview: unfair. He makes it clear that with the policies that are set make it difficult for southerners to make a living. The author specifically states that the carpet-baggers do more damage then other charities have done good. Therefore, he does not think highly of the carpet-baggers. Carpet-baggers have taught the south how to steal. They make it seem that stealing is the only way to make it out of their situation. What the carpet-baggers are really doing is driving the south farther into debt because without the compensation that they were suppose to pay, they will have to pay for what was stolen before. The problem needs to be solved. The way to solve this would be to tax the whole nation, not just the south. Lincoln's plan was to take the south back in as a brother would take back his own brother. In this situation there should be a forgiveness policy to help promote the health and wealth of them....
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